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Jackie was well aware of John’s wandering eye, and responded by telling her to move in and marry him, and then she would have all the problems! When being interviewed since the affair, Exner described him as being “so reckless” .She also admitted to aborting his child, although those allegations were never proven.

Although it has been celebrated officially since 1879, Presidents’ Day serves essentially two purposes: a patriotic excuse for retail discounts and an irresistible occasion to engage in armchair analysis of the nation’s presidents. Abraham Lincoln was rated the greatest president, with an average score of 95 out of 100, followed by George Washington and Franklin D. The rest in the top 10 were Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Harry S. Eisenhower, Bill Clinton, Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson.

To add some systematic evidence to the perennial conversation, in 2014 we surveyed 162 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents & Executive Politics section and asked them to rate the U. Those presidents with a score of more than 50 are graphed below.

This list is similar to past lists, except that both Clinton and Eisenhower crack the top 10.

The source of this data is a series of Wikipedia articles grouped under the name "United States presidential election" which may be viewed by clicking the blue text above.

The second row provides a link to the full-size electoral map for each specific election 3.

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