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Option Overload "A single date is no longer as precious as it once was.

People are like human bumper cars out there," says Dan Slater, author of .

But in the impatient age of ADD dating, you can save yourself from a bad date — or worse, a bad relationship — with some sage advice from your digital sisters on Lulu."Nobody lets a total stranger babysit her kids.

You make sure to check out her references," Schwartz says.

I need to get back out there and increase my odds," she says.

Carlyn Topkin, a 25-year-old JDater from Saint Petersburg, Florida, admits she uses ADD dating as a defense mechanism.

You don't feel as pressured to fall into a relationship when you have so many options." ADD dater Nikki Tuck, 24, an advertising executive in New York City, casually sees about three guys at once, upgrading or dropping men as she sees fit. Soon, "I have four 'Michael Tinders' in my phone," Tuck laughs.Despite balancing an impressive roster of men, Truax has experienced heartbreak.One of the men in her rotation who planned to visit her for the weekend from out of town recently stood her up without so much as a phone call, leaving her "crying over my salad in the middle of the work day" ... "What if I miss something on those two days I stayed home in bed crying?"Some [men] might break her heart, and she may break a few hearts herself," Slater says of the typical ADD vixen."Ideally, she's going to come out of that better suited to find happiness in a relationship." During a marathon week of ADD dating last fall, Elaina S.

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