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It turns out that interviewing four comedians at the same time is hard work. And then we said “Wait a second, the wedding in itself is a great season finale”. We were gonna have you ski to the bottom and stop the marriage, if you could make it in time. Now if I had to do that, I’d probably be nervous once I was about to do it, depending on who was sitting in the seat, but we were nervous the whole day. And she was just squeezing and I didn’t know what to do. If they’re shopping, you take something out of their cart. Sal: It’s a weird dichotomy, because we’ve got thicker skinned because of kind of what we just mentioned, but I also find, when I’m alone and daydreaming or thinking about the show, I think of something that I would want to tell them or I just think of something we would do on the show, I think ‘Oh my god, I would never do that right now.’ It almost is easier to do when we’re filming the show. Joe: Sal just roams the street and eats off people’s plates by himself. Some people don’t even request that I show them the tattoo, they just demand it. Sal: Yesterday they (Murr and Q) were on TV in the morning, what was it? Typing up my recording afterwards was like trying to transcribe a riot. Joe: But we already had the ski mountain booked so we decided to put the two of them (Murr and Sal) on the ski lift and just shut it down. A good deal of the show trades in social boundaries, and particularly with you overstepping them. And we’ve all learned the lesson that people don’t act the way people think people will. Sal: When we’re alone and just hanging out, though, I’ll tell Joe to do something just to make me laugh and he’s never not done it. Q: We were on a movie set last night and Joe, as a joke, goes “Hey man, what do you think if I just walk in the background and ruin the shot? “My wife is here, take your pants off.” Joe: We get this a lot (mimes having a phone put up to his ear). People think we’re always pranking them or that we’re constantly on camera. (To Den of Geek) I thought you guys, from what I gather, anything goes on TV. Q: Right, but you can’t say (front bottom - Ed)hole, (front bottom - Ed)hole, (front bottom - Ed)hole, (front bottom - Ed)hole, (front bottom - Ed)hole, (front bottom - Ed)hole, (front bottom - Ed)hole. No, you couldn’t have said (front bottom - Ed) in the morning. Like, if you were writing a movie and just had a million explosion scenes, you dial it back a little. If we want to film in a nightclub, we know music’s going to be an issue, because we have to have the rights to it, and then it can’t be really loud because we have to talk over it. But our crew definitely finds a way if we really want something to happen. Like, we’ve toyed around with going up and ringing people’s doorbells. You can’t set up hidden cameras in somebody else’s house. On set, our director Dave Scarborough has a bag of Go Pros. She was looking for cameras, she was like “I know who you are, you crazies! Murr: Well, we get away with a lot because of that. They’re stealing and pranking us right now” (huge smile) Sal: I actually ended up sleeping with that old lady, too. But on reflection this is the point at which I lost the room.) Sal: Oh really? Murr: I didn’t storm off set, we were done filming. (lose room to laughter and funny bickering for a moment) Murr: None of this is true. We all went to a nightclub, and he went into another room on his own… Sal: …and there were like 20 people and we were like “Where’s Murray? (They are literally all trying to tell their own version of the story at the same time) Murr: …they’re gone. So we go across the street to eat something at Denny’s. Sal: So we texted him and said we’re going to the Denny’s, we can’t find you. Joe: …“Your best friend assaulted me” and then you went to the Spa Castle. Joe: (theatrical but brilliant Murr impression) “Your best friend assaulted me.” Q: Like when a parent is mad at their kid and they call it ‘your son’. Murr: I come out of a strip club in a foreign state… Q: It was literally across the street and a quarter mile to the left.

They were all making them at the same time and laughing.) Murr: It’s not a sex place, it’s a legit spa castle. One time we actually bought a lottery ticket for the crew. (To Joe) But the other day you had 26 bucks, and you gave me 13. So, whether you can get audio, whether you can get an image that’s of a broadcastable quality. (As a punishment for Sal, Murr legally married Sal’s sister) Murr: The wedding was the biggest secret we ever held on the show. We were gonna drop him off at the top of the mountain and he had to ski to the bottom, and at the bottom was me getting married to his sister. I’ve seen stuff there and I think it may be more, but I don’t know so I’d tell you and it’d probably be wrong. When you’re coming up with your sketches or set-ups for the show, obviously you want what’s going to be funniest or get the most interesting responses, but how early in do you have to take into account the technical elements? ” and Daniel Cast (assistant director) was like “It’s our music, baby! Logistically (turns to Sal), and I apologise for bringing up what is probably a bad memory for you, but how difficult to organise was the wedding? And then just to corral people, because we had to create an audience at the church. The original idea was that we would take Sal to a ski slope, and he’s not a very good skier. Sal: When we first started filming at the beginning we noticed that if people get angry and there’s tension, it defuses the comedy. We’ll rein each other in when somebody’s out there. Murr: It was the first time ever that it wasn’t directed at me. Joe: We even say a lot of the times, we’ll put our own filter on. Q: And they need to sign to be on television, so it’s against our interests to anger them.

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