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By approaching potential love interests, you are making a statement.

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Tamsen and Matt say: You need to have the right mentality when you are going to be proactive and take matters of the heart into your own hands in order to make love happen.Tamsen and Matt say: The best way to meet the right kind of men is to be very directed and streamlined in your search.Online dating will provide you with selection criteria that are detailed to the point of allowing you to screen out those lone wolves and choose from a database of men who are looking for the same things that you want.Miss Manners in Midtown writes: I have a question for you regarding cell phone etiquette on a date. When you are on a date, you should be 100% available for the person across the table.I was out on blind date recently and the guy was a bit aloof from the beginning. As I was leaving, I told him that this is not going to work and he said that he was on the phone with his boss. Nothing barring a family emergency should distract you from a date.

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