Advice on dating a doctor

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We are always hungry – Residents during their day will forget little things such as eating, using the bathroom, and drinking water.

So in case we attack the burrito at dinner, please forgive us.

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Time is not on our side – The time table of a resident is dictated by their program.

In fact, the nicest thing someone ever did for me was send me lunch at the hospital that fit in my lab coat.

Falling asleep is not insulting – Do not take personally your resident’s inability to stay awake.

Instead, keep in mind they are chronically sleep-deprived due to a combination of long hours and caffeine abuse.

Just remember they could be home actually sleeping but they made the effort to see you, so just because they fell asleep is a side point all together. Fork, Knife, Spoon and Cell phone – Although I think it’s a good idea to not have cell phone on the table, a resident will have trouble straying far from theirs.

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