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Alex O' Loughlin is an Australian actor, who has acted in both Australian as well as American movies as well as TV shows.

He was born on the 24th of August, 1976 and in 2015 his current age is 39 years old.

Alex is a tall man, who measures a little over 6 feet tall, as his height is about 185 cm.

He has got an athletic built, and measures about 90 kg, which is good for someone of his built.

He has starred in more than a dozen of movies as well as TV shows across the USA and Australia.

Some of his popular role shaves come in: The Shield (2002), Criminal Minds (2005), Man-Thing (2005), Moonlight (2007), August Rush (2007), Three Rivers (2009) and The Back-up Plan (2010).

One of the most shocking celebrity breakups of 2016 was definitely the split between Dove Cameron & Ryan Mc Cartan. Thanks for keeping me up.” Perhaps this is a good thing, though, ’cause the co-stars announced their engagement in April 2016, after nearly 3 years of dating, Disney Channel fans everywhere freaked the eff out. "Dove has decided this relationship isn't what she wants," Ryan wrote on Twitter.

Until one of them speaks out, we won’t know for sure whether or not Amber and Link are dating IRL – so don’t “run and tell that” just yet.His work and talent have made him a real fan favorite and they follow him closely on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.With an estimated net worth about million dollars by 2015, you can read his biography that is available in sites like IMDb and Wikipedia.Regarding his personal life, he has got a list of girlfriends that he hasn’t been able to hide form the media.He has been in approximately 4 relationships till now, and is currently a married person.

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