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This is critical because the purpose of your profile pictures, are to convey a message. Well it is essentially to demonstrate higher value (DHV) or to display an alpha-male status.Before we look at examples of Alpha-male profile pics, lets first take a look at examples of pictures you may want to remove from your profile. Resist any pics that has weird poses-like duck face or pics that scream "wierdo" .You'll feel so powerful being able to attract women without even leaving your chair.Note: This is a risk free purchase with Udemy’s 30 day money back guarantee.The only problem with online dating sites, is that there are too many of them which makes it harder to find someone in a particular community.Facebook on the other, is not officially a dating site, most would consider it one in disguise.Now I am not shutting down clubs and bars as the worst place to meet women. It just requires a great deal of experience in the field and a level of skill which could take months up to years of practise.For most people, they may not have such time, money and guts to go out every odd night.

Online dating sites have been rapidly growing over the past 10 years.I provide almost a whole section on how to speak to her on the phone so you create a good first impression.What to do when you first meet up with her, whether she has brought her friends with or not.In this book, I present the 5 steps to having success with woman on facebook which are: 1. This book will help you out-gun the competition and make you stand out as an attractive alpha-male that women want.The first thing any girl would see on your facebook when you message her, is your profile picture.

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