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Greg Hodge, managing director of Beautiful, said: "Because there are no limits to the number of times a rejected applicant can attempt to re-apply, it is not unusual for us to see three, four or sometimes more than 20 attempts to get through our very stringent voting-in process."He believes that everyone can become beautiful if they put their mind to it."Take a look at some of the best looking celebrities in Hollywood and it's clear to see they weren't born beautiful," he said."Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman and Ryan Seacrest are all great examples and an inspiration to unattractive people around the world so if they can do it, then so can you.""Sometimes it's just down to straightening your teeth, curbing your appetite, grooming yourself with a little more care and getting down to the gym," he added.

A new mentoring service has been provided by the site which pairs successful applicants with beauty hopefuls to help them improve their looks with help and advice.

Many feel the dating website is heartless and superficial but Greg disagrees.

He said: "Many people write us off as a heartless, lookist dating community that exists to alienate the aesthetically disadvantaged but that's not true."We want to encourage people to make the best of themselves.

These are markers that we use." Being judged as healthy from a potential mate, however, is a double-edged sword when it comes to receiving professional health evaluations.

Because strong physical features are associated with health, medical professionals have been observed giving more care and attention to sufferers of pain when they do not exhibit such features.

It hasn't been easy - my brother hasn't spoken to me since I had the rhinoplasty - but I've never felt better."The most beautiful country is currently Sweden and plunging to the ugliest country in the world with the lowest acceptance rate is the United Kingdom.

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"Applying with a selfie pint in hand just won't do.

Managing Director Greg Hodge compares the screening to door policies at nightclubs. We are no different except a bad apple in our case is simply an unattractive one," Hodge says.

"It is not uncommon for members to bring less than beautiful guests which upsets the beauty balance and, naturally, members as well." What does it take to be a beauty cop? In response to one tweet about the police placement, Hodge gave an alternative solution for less-than-beautiful guests.

Social functions across Europe already use these door judges to increase membership standards and prevent unattractive attendees from polluting the beauty pool.

The police squad, made up of one woman and one man, will assess people at the door to see if they match up to their online profile pictures.

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