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And The Nook Color did wonders for that over the past year.

It was a slightly pricey (but still excellent) e-reader at 9, and it quickly became an above average Android tablet thanks to the Android hacking community.

One thing that's not mentioned anywhere: The existance of Android.

We're assuming it's still running Android, but there are no specs on that. It's not running the same Android you'd run on your phone. A lighter, faster Nook Tablet -- no longer just an e-reader.

BN appears to be fearmongering just a bit here, saying that unlike Amazon's Kindle Fire, which will be routing your browsing through its servers to keep things speedy, you won't have any such privacy concerns with the Nook Tablet.

Faster, lighter and no longer just a mere e-reader, if the promo materials we've been slipped have anything to say about it. Barnes and Noble is in a horse race with the likes of Amazon and its new Kindle Fire to stake claim to the more-than-an-e-reader/not-quite-a-tablet realm.“I’ve always told them that I [get] gift cards for Barnes & Noble and redeem them right after Christmas and renew my membership at that time,” he explained to Consumerist.“I’m sure some people don’t renew their cards until the first purchase they make after the card has expired.” That makes sense. Encouraging people to renew is one thing, but why were they fudging his membership expiration date? He has a background in accounting and auditing, and moving a renewal date up so it isn’t as close to the end of the calendar year and the end of the all-important holiday shopping season makes him suspicious. We checked in with Barnes & Noble to find out what was going on.You guessed it, the expiration date on the receipt was December 31, as it should be.He notes that clerks used to encourage him to renew his card during shopping trips at the end of the year, but he would resist.

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