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We conducted a short interview with the 2 guys that reviewed each cheater dating site. Question: What did you think of the women from a looks only standpoint? We want to talk about a REAL cheater dating website – Erotic We had no hesitation in ranking Erotic #1 for cheater dating. The women are very attractive (tons of 7’s and 8’s that are EASY lays) and the website is very discreet and secure.If you're going to be in the Portland area of Oregon anytime soon I would like to invite you to meet me at one of my restaurants sometime. If you're going to be in the Portland area of Oregon anytime soon I would invite you to meet me at King City Mc Donald's Thursday through Sunday 10-2, I'll make sure there's room, table for two. At Lake Oswego Fuddruckers, I'll be there 5-8. It’s not like we didn’t try to meet women on Sweet Sure, there were chicks on there, but they weren’t open to meeting. #1: It’s one of the most difficult places to get laid. All we can do is educate our readers on cheater dating scams such as Sweet We trust you won’t make the mistake of signing up for that website.Plus, we ran into a ton of scammers, Private Investigators, and the always common fake profiles. Question: What is the best advice you could give someone considering joining this cheater dating site? We don’t care to give Sweet any more of our attention, even though it’s all been friends finder i never paid for anything i just went on the socal chat line and meet women thru there went to some of there meet and greet parties i've hooked up with probably 10 or more women thru there but i have been on since 2006 on and off whenever i get a daily fwb fbuddy i don't waste my time on that site.

But when you read those posts they said they were looking for a face-to-face hook-up. Think about the site's name with the word discreet in it. But seems as soon as you message people to email you off the site, etc..they take days to get back to you, then come back with generic answers that have nothing to do with what you said and seem to just want to drag things along.

(Euro light switches, Euro products on a table, etc.) This site is a scam...avoid at all costs. For example "pleasureseeker2" and almost all of them have numbers at the end of their name. Just do an image search on Google [] for anyone you think may be fake.

If it is fake, you'll get listings for places on the internet where that the same photo is posted (also gets you into see the explicit photos that are hidden on the dating site, as those very same photos are usually found posted on freely accessed adult sites).

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And even the owners of the site can’t dispute that claim. Question: If this site is so mediocre, why do you think they have so many members? #2: I actually think they do a pretty good job of marketing their website.

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