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station, KTLA, with the stipulation that Korla would also provide musical accompaniment for another television show entitled Time For Beany (footnote 13). Redd, has announced a series of Sunday evening addresses on "Love, Courtship and Marriage," beginning Sunday, January 11. We can only hope that his daughter (Barbara Sue W.) and son (David L.) will come forward as well and allow us to add them to our illustrious family tree.Landsberg also insisted that Korla not speak on the show, but rather just gaze mysteriously into the camera as he played a With the 1948 birth, so-to-speak, of Korla Pandit, came the birth of Beryl and Korla's first son, Shari Pandit (5 Augustus 1948 - 31 December 2000). Aside from the address there is to be a special feature at each service. Some of the photos used herein are courtesy of the exceptions noted herein) and are used by permission The photo of Korla Pandit's great-grandparent's headstones, Second Baptist Church (exterior & interior), 8th & Center Streets Baptist Church, 4240 Enright (Korla's birth home) and Fred Douglass School in Columbia, Missouri, are by & donated by Mr. Though no copyright claim is herein made as to those photos, it is requested that you first inform Mr.His second incarnation would come about some eight years down the road., earning 0 per week. Verne Langdon (personal friend and biographer of Korla Pandit), and, Internet databases and websites. Redd's autobiography noted above bear out the fact that John Roland Redd was born in 1921, in Missouri, to African-American parents, and is the very same Korla Pandit.That same year he was among the first music personalities to make 16" radio transcription discs (his first known sound recordings) for Capitol Records' Radio Transcriptions Division. While the research done by this author bears out Korla's maternal slave roots in Washington County, Missouri, and Caucasian, European (English) ancestry, his father's book bears out his paternal slave ancestry from Virginia.The John Roland Redd of old, first incarnated as Juan Rolando, had seen his second incarnation. Johnson, after spending several months in Kansas City, has returned to live with her daughter, Mrs. In May 2005, thanks to the online version of this biographical sketch, the author was contacted by Korla's son, Sven Djorsing (b: ), who was added to our Lankford family tree.

His earliest 1950s recordings were with Vita Records. Wyna Faye Elbert (copies of 1930s graduation programmes from Fred Douglass School and original newspaper photo of Ruth Lankford Redd), Mrs. Census, Washington County, Breton Township, Missouri, 1870, 1880 U. Census, Marion County, City of Hannibal, Second Ward, Missouri, 1930The Mountain Democrat and Placerville Times, Placerville, California, April 21, 1960, page 7 (local advertisement "Cress Home Music Center: Korla Pandit In Person")The Des Moines Tribune, August 29, 1974, p.

It was the first of four (possibly five) albums with the same title. He played a pivotal role creating and bringing to the public innovative sounds and new music from a revolutionary instrument, the "electronic organ," made not by the well-established pioneer Wurlitzer, but a hybrid Hammond Organ Company.

Soon after Korla released his "maiden album" on 's new Fantasy records label, which was a fledgeling label enjoying considerable success with such legends as Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan, Lenny Bruce and Odetta. It was with Fantasy Records that Korla made numerous stereophonic recordings along with other mono recordings (footnote 16). Meade promoted Korla Pandit in a two hour concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium which - according to the September 22 1951 issue of The Billboard - drew 1, 950 persons and grossed ,500.00. Korla Pandit was a man who found himself in the right place at the right time, moved with his opportunities, and grew into his self-developed personality comfortably, even brilliantly.

While little is known of these earliest years, (footnote 6) he indeed was descended from a long line of talented individuals. She related to family members, including a Hannibal, Missouri, cousin, that it was out of respect for her brother (to paraphrase) that she never said anything publicly and only spoke of his familial relationship to other family members who already knew.

It seemed only natural that Korla would excel in music, or in whatever endeavor he pursued (footnote7). - The second sermon of the series on "Domestic happiness" will be preached by Rev. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, and through the combined efforts of family members David Marshall-Rutledge de Clue, of St.

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