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The huge advantage of consolidating your old and new 401(k) accounts when you change jobs is that all of your money is in one place.

You don't have to keep track of as much paperwork, and it's easier to balance the diversity of your portfolio if it's all right there on the same investment summary.

Obviously, the first option is only possible if you already have a new job and your new company offers a 401(k) plan.

The most important thing to understand when moving money from one 401(k) to another is the difference between a transfer and a rollover.

There is a hefty 50% penalty for taking less than the annual required amount, regardless of whether it was an oversight or intentional.There is no such requirement for a 401(k) plan with your current employer, meaning you can let your savings continue to grow if you delay retirement [source: Vernon].Note that the exception only applies to your current employer's plan, not an old 401(k) — another good reason to consolidate.In a transfer, your old company sends a check directly to your new company and the money never passes through your hands.That excludes you from having to pay income tax on that money.

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