Broadcom backdating scandal

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Disciplining or firing miscreants may be necessary, but it's not enough: It doesn't address the root causes of fearful culture and bad incentives.A USA TODAY investigation documented 201 criminal cases across the nation in which federal judges found that prosecutors broke the rules.Criminal defense attorneys who were never prosecutors themselves often assume that prosecutorial misconduct is rife because prosecution attracts authoritarian personality types.Although it is surely true that some are natural bad actors, experience demonstrates that prosecutors are strongly influenced to disregard and minimize rights by the culture that surrounds them.Present-day prosecutor Scott Ceman is opposing, claiming there is "a lot of evidence" of Price's guilt -- while admitting that . Yet despite a lack of any physical evidence tying him to the scene and despite a reported later admission by the alleged victim that her tale was “an elaborate scam,” Mark Lawrence Weiner was convicted of abduction with intent to defile and jailed for more than 2 years.

It came about because the system protected the system from abject embarrassment. Police never looked at the victim's father, Marshall Morgan, Sr., who got ,000 insurance from his son's death.

The senior Morgan insured and killed two more people before he got caught, and he was still not charged in one of those murders.

And Tyrone Hood, a family man who did nothing wrong, is still in prison. The Cook County DA is not concerned with innocence or guilt, but asks only, ‘How is this going to wash politically?

And the embattled Orange County District Attorney’s Office has the state’s worst record based on population. Robert Jones of New Orleans, LA was sent to Angola for an April 1992 French Quarter crime spree that included robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder even though evidence pointed to a man named Lester Jones - no relation to Robert - as the single culprit. One piece of evidence was electrophoresis which found that Harris matched some of the proteins found in the biological evidence at the scene.

The other three convictions flowed from the first one.

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