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S President Ronald Reagan, Queen Noor of Jordan, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama, the last state President of Aparthied South Africa Frederik Willem de Klerk, Former Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Actress Gillian Anderson, Actor Clint Eastwood, Jean Marie Le Pen (whose visit caused a controversy similar to that of the recent disrupted visit of Nick Griffin and David Irving to the Oxford Union), Ahmed Chalabi, Hans Blix, as well as a multitude of British politicians such as Michael Howard, Kenneth Clarke, and Norman Lamont.

The Standing Committee, the Union’s primary day-to-day managing body, consists of the current President, Vice-President and Officers, the President-Elect and Officers-Elect, and two senior positions, filled by members of the University of MA standing or higher, consisting of the Senior Librarian, and Steward.

Included among the building's many rooms are the famous debating chamber, a dining room, bar, snooker room, the Keynes Library and various offices.

The appointed managers look after areas requiring special skills. Among others, there is a press manager, a publciity manager and an event manager.

The society awards honorary memberships to particularly distinguished individuals and maintains reciprocal membership policies with similar societies such as the Yale Political Union and the Oxford Union Society.

The Union is most famous for its debates, typically held on Thursday evenings during university terms, although many other events such as speaker meetings or entertainments are held throughout the week.

The union also organises lectures by visiting speakers, film evenings, and other social events for members.

Its current Bridge Street premises () were designed by Alfred Waterhouse and formally opened on 30 October 1866.

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