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Some insurances require purchases, auto rentals, common carrier fares and other trip costs to be charged to your credit card to activate coverage (other conditions may also apply).

Credit card insurance may be supplementary to other home, auto or medical coverage you may already have (meaning all other sources of insurance, recovery or indemnity must be exhausted before credit card insurance pays any benefits to you).

We think most of you will have this but if you don't, it's free and can be downloaded from Adobe UK if you are accessing this website using screen reading technology that cannot read PDFs, a converter is available at Adobe Contact the relevant helpline number for assistance as soon as you can, quoting your policy number if possible.

If in doubt whether a fact is material, please disclose.

Any alternations or corrections on this proposal form should be endorsed by the policy owner.

If the Insured Person sustains injury or accidental death when participating in these activities, the maximum benefits under Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be reduced by 50%.

Medical expenses incurred in Hong Kong within 3 calendar months after the Insured Person's return from overseas are covered provided that such expenses are incurred for consultation or medical treatment on the same diagnosis as certified by a registered overseas medical practitioner.

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