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You don’t find very often professors like Staci Bilbo.A rising-star in the neuroscience field, Staci has the gift of a keen, scientific mind, coupled with a particularly kind nature and approachability to young faculty.Talking to our kids about sex can be super uncomfortable. Sheila Gregoire from To Love, Honor, & Vacuum joins us for a conversation about parents can feel confident talking with their children about puberty and sex....

So, when she set up her own lab at Duke University, she decided to tackle things her way, the 3D way.Is role play okay in a Christian marriage, even if it involves imagining something that would be wrong to do in real life? Today’s topic is body image, and specifically how our thoughts and feelings about our bodies affect sex and intimacy in our marriages.We want to help you think about how body image might be affecting you and how you can take steps to change the way..Back then, analyzing the data based on sex was the norm, and nobody would be surprised to see sex-specific effects.When she moved to University of Colorado for a post-doc on neuronal development with prof. Like many other neuroscience labs, her group had a practice of not working with female mice.

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