Consolidating accounts icloud

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There are four different ways of doing so: deleting them one by one on your i Phone, deleting them en masse through i Cloud on your computer's web browser, deleting multiple entries at once using the Contacts app on your Mac, and deleting them in bulk using a third-party app on your i Phone.

Before we get to merging contacts and dealing with Facebook ones, let's first go over how to delete all of the unwanted contacts on your i Phone.Skip to the second method below to learn how to delete multiple contacts at once on your computer.Using your Mac computer, you can also use the Contacts app to delete multiple contacts at once.If you have been syncing your Gmail notes to your i OS device (i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch) and have now also enabled i Cloud Notes sync then you’ll probably notice your Gmail Notes don’t sync across to i Cloud.This is because they are treated as two separate accounts on your i OS device so you’ll need to consolidate them into one account – in this case, I’ve chosen i Cloud to store all my notes since I hardly ever create notes in Gmail.

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