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For many people, this information must be updated once per year.However, for those who are convicted of a second sex offense or a violent offense, the information must be updated once every 90 days.This usually refers to crimes that did not include an element of violence or in which the victim is not a minor.A person may be required to register for life for a sex offense conviction that included violent actions or which victimized a person aged 17 or younger.

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Typically, a person can be ordered to register for 10 years for an offense that is considered less serious.

Also, if they reside in any other town or county for more than one week during their term of registration, they must complete the process again.

This information will be kept on file with the local police and must be updated regularly.

In certain instances, a judge may order a person convicted of a sexually-based offense to register as a sex offender.

Sex offender registration requires a person to follow a variety of restrictions.

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