Daemon tools hangs updating virtual devices

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If touch hardware has a special Mac mode, such as Next Window hardware, you may need to set the device into normal touch mode as reported by this user Originally I was having trouble getting the equivalent of a click and hold effect from the unit; but by killing the mac mode, leaving the drag function active on the hardware side and setting your driver to point & click all is now OK. If installing 5.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.8 and above the runs in 64-bit mode by default and will display a message saying it has to quit and reopen in order to run our installer due to the use of a 32bit library.This is a minor issue in that it doesnt stop the installer.If the monitor type is not found the following will be displayed: The driver looks for the correct manufacturer EDID code as configured in the build being present on the system. Aggressive start up error recovery mechanism UPDD version 5.1.1410 for Mac OS X implements an aggressive error recovery mechanism that forces a USB re-enumeration at driver start up of all connected UPDD supported devices to overcome various reports of touch not working at certain times in certain environments.

daemon tools hangs updating virtual devices-86

These instructions relate to the standard method of installation using the standard Installer application supplied with Mac OS X. This may be invoked automatically by some browsers.

The UPDD software comprises of an installer package which, by default, is handled by the standard installer application.

Alternative methods to install do exist as referenced in the Installation Notes below. If this is disabled the install will fail with various references in the install log: NSLocalized Description = "An error occurred while updating system extension information.

The native installer only works on Mac OS X 10.6 and above.

If using 10.5 or earlier you need to install UPDD version 4.1.10 as covered in the previous Mac OS X installation instructions.

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