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But it has morphed into a much more ambitious concept for a colossal new waterfront city, fanning out from sea wall in the shape of a garuda – the mythical bird of Hindu origin that is the country’s national symbol – with a multilane ring road for the perennially traffic-clogged capital running along its rim.

From above, the designers’ illustrations for the Great Garuda project are redolent of the artificial Palm islands off the shore of Dubai.

ith her hand stretched upward, the elderly storekeeper in batik dress and white headscarf indicates the height of the waters that poured into her home in Jakarta’s great flood of 2007.

Sukaesih is a diminutive figure, but she points to a ridge on the doorframe about two metres above the threshold.

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The water gets higher every year,” Sukaesih says – referring to the danger that is, in fact, posed by the ground sinking beneath her feet. The city does not pipe in enough drinkable water, so Jakartans rely largely on wells which extract water from shallow aquifers. The problem is exacerbated by the explosion of new apartment blocks, shopping malls and even government offices, which – despite official restrictions on groundwater extraction – not only draw water from this porous ground but also add to the weight compacting it.

The concretisation of Jakarta has also led to increased run-off, making flooding worse while not replenishing the ground water supplies.

Its prospective developers also looked closer to home for inspiration, planning to build glitzy skyscrapers, luxury flats, shopping malls and attractions similar to Singapore’s Sentosa Island.

Champions say the Giant Sea Wall will soon be the only way to save the city from catastrophic floods sweeping across the northern belt of land, with the new islands providing the financing by tapping into the monies of property development tycoons.

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