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She was further stressed by the discovery that her mother planned on selling the home she'd grown up in.

The anxiety eventually led her to be briefly hospitalized after passing out, with strict orders to eat normally upon her recovery Kelly's appearance is shown to play a noted role in her development.

Kelly was surprised, and even offended by the remark, but she and Brandon remained on good terms.

summer After Jackie kicked her drug habit, she became romantically involved with Mel Silver, the father of Kelly's schoolmate David.

Kelly revealed a conscience as the fling progressed, often being the one to express guilt and reluctance, while at the same time finding it difficult to resist her nearly lifelong crush.

Kelly's feelings began to progress from simple flirtation to genuine affection.

Following a comment about her figure, Kelly began to starve herself.

Her eating disorder worsened when she began abusing diet pills.

Mel and Jackie became engaged, and would go on to have Kelly and David's little sister, Erin.

Bill Taylor (father)Jackie Taylor † (mother)Sammy Taylor-Mc Kay (son)Madeline Sanders (goddaughter)Mel Silver (step-father)Ed Taylor † (grandfather)David Silver (step-brother)Erin Silver (maternal half-sister)Joy Taylor (paternal half-sister)Ruby Silver (step-niece)Robin Mc Gill (cousin)Sherry Mc Gill (cousin)Steve Sanders (ex-boyfriend)Matt Durning (ex-fiancé)Brandon Walsh (ex-fiancé)Kyle Conners (fling)Jake Hanson (fling)Dylan Mc Kay (ex-boyfriend)Colin Robbins (ex-boyfriend)John Sears (dated)Mark Reese (dated)Tom Miller (dated)Jeff Stockmann (dated)Greg Meyer (dated)Ryan Matthews (ex-boyfriend)Harry Wilson (crush) Kelly is the daughter of Jackie and Bill Taylor.

Her father was largely absent during Kelly's childhood.

Kelly revealed that her first sexual experience occurred when she was essentially date-raped by an attractive jock named Ross Webber.

This had led her into an irresponsible and promiscuous lifestyle that she would later regret, as it eventually hurt her self-esteem.

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