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Several of the girls we surveyed, I wouldn’t mind asking out myself and I personally knew many of the guys to be capable gentlemen.

It appears Catholic guys have an initial advantage in these circles they might not have elsewhere.

In the blog I made an observation on the lack of dating happening in Catholic communities.

Why does the Church girl refrain from introducing herself to a nice guy she’s seen at Church?

“I mainly just want him to be direct—make it clear that he wants to go on a date and not just hang out,” wrote one slightly annoyed participant. “I think there is a false sense that other people will judge you if you go out on get-to-know-you dates with several people before dating seriously, which is silly,” one girl writes in.

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We asked them to answer ten questions about their dating experiences and expectations within Catholic communities.

Guys should know that, on the women’s side, it’s an affirmative.

78% of the young women in the study reported having seen a guy in the Catholic community they’d like to go out with.

From the comments we concluded that genuine interest is easily mistaken for friendliness when everybody is friends.

When given several options on the words a guy should use when asking them out ladies the direct approach prevailed also. ” followed by asking her for her number scored highest among our survey participants.

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