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The trail and facilities are rugged; some eroded areas are very narrow over cliffs that are hundreds of feet high.CAMPING PERMITS The Kalalau Trail is currently OPEN for hiking. Call the DLNR for more info: (808) 274-3444 Hawaii DLNR Main (info may not be current).My preferred stuff is Patagonia Capiline (other brands too) because it dries super quick and provides sun protection.If I'm gonna hike back in one of the valleys I'll bring an ultra-lightweight shell that packs to softball-size.

If so, what would be do at Kalalau for the extra day (ie: day trips, or just sit on the beach). I went to Kalalau today and wished I could have spent the night. There is plenty of great exploring at Kalalau - just watch out for the ocean and loose rock zones.Extreme inclines and declines throughout entire 11 miles. Loose rocks underfoot and from eroding cliffs above. I highly recommend going the entire distance in one day because the camping is MUCH better at Kalalalu.If you are afraid of heights and ledges you are not going to like miles 6.5 to 8! I've only hiked the first two miles in to Hanakapi'ai Beach and back and it was a fantastic hike! About 13.5 tough miles if you want to do a day hike (which I have and it's great).March can be very rainy or very sunny - hard to call.I'm planning to hike to Kalalau and camp for a night before returning the next day.

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