Dating mentally unstable

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Even though we didn’t live together, he spent a lot of time at my house, sitting in my room when I was at work, or taking short, quick walks down the street.

There were lots of nights I’d end up holding him as he sobbed, upset for reasons that he would try to articulate, but I would never fully understand.

To date someone who is suffering from mental illness, who falls into moods at the drop of a hat, is stressful and can be hurtful, but it’s a learning experience.During this period, he was alternately short-tempered and sluggish, depending on the cocktail of drugs he was taking.Our relationship wheezed along, but I could see there was an end in sight when I went with him to a therapy session and he winced when his counselor referred to me his “girlfriend.” Our end was much less spectacular than our beginning.A good eight years were wasted on someone I dated briefly and became obsessed with once he ended it. I think there is still a lot more stigma than we admit, and every joke someone cracks about being “so OCD” makes it harder to explain that while you all think you’re totally cool with me being obsessive-compulsive, it’s a lot more than lining up pencils and touching the light switch.It was the most tangible manifestation of my illness I’ve experienced, and it makes me sick to think about. Men have broken up with me after getting only a glimpse of my worst looming on the horizon, and others have stayed with me through abhorrent behavior because they were afraid of what I might do if they left.

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