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Many of our customers are fascinated with steam engines but do not have access to the equipment necessary to machine a set of castings. The components are turned, milled, drilled and threaded allowing you to finish the model with no more than a set of spanners, a screwdriver, a selection of small files and a paint brush. Little is known about his childhood or adolescence although we do know that his family's ambitions for him did not include becoming an engineer.

The P4 superseded the P3 in 1928, and in 1930 the marine variant was introduced, and was sold in considerable number for fitment in small yachts and other pleasure boats.He returned to Southend to retire and died in April 1938.and started to produce model steam engines, gas engines for domestic electricity, lathes, etc.Stuart Turner went on to produce further model steam designs, and in 1906 there were nine models in the range.By 1907 more space was needed so premises were rented at Market Place, Henley-On-Thames where the company remained for many years.

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