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In the latest episode from season 15 – called ‘Chris Has Got A Date, Date, Date, Date, Date’ in honour of her song ‘Shake It Off’ – we see an animated Taylor agreeing to go with Chris Griffin to his school dance.

In honour of Taylor’s awkward dance moves the pair dance like “an unattended fire hose” and share a kiss, but it all ends sourly for the pair after Tay Tay pens a break up song called ‘The Boy In The Giant Tux’ the following morning. I ruin relationships with nice guys and John Mayer just so I can write songs about heartbreak and moving on." Taylor’s cartoon cameo isn’t actually voiced by the lady herself – and somehow we reckon she might not have agreed to be involved if she’d known what the storyline was, either…

You have the option to link your game with Facebook, Google Plus or regular email. Then confirm the email address and hit next: The next step is to create a password.

There really are no crazy requirements for it, so it can be whatever you’d like for it to be: Just like the email you’ll have to enter it twice: Again hit next…and you’ll see the screen darken out with a little TV…: If all is ok with the email/password combination you’ll see Stewie pop up telling you account was created successfully: And that’s it! Now your Quahog is backed up in case anything ever happens to your phone or the game just resets itself (which it does from time to time).

I suggest emailing it to yourself, this way you can access it quickly (and from anywhere) if anything happens to your device.

With its offensive, provocative humor and sporadic references to seemingly random pop culture items (get ready to remember the 1980 superhero flop ) benefit.This is to ensure you have an record of where you are game wise. In that same Account screen if you are for instance a Facebook User, you will see a blue button option to “Delete Facebook” with your Facebook name in the ( ).This is essentially the button to REMOVE that option. Tapping the DELETE option will delete the link between your account and your game.But for now, if you see that pop up, know that it’s safe to hit the Red Button! I know for some of you this may be boring and old news, but you’d be shocked to know just how many players don’t have their games backed up. It only takes a minute and really will save you a TON of frustration down the road. UPDATE BUNNY 12/8/14: Due to many asking for the option, Tiny Co has created a way for players to REMOVE the link to the current account and change it to another. The main thing is first to log your current status (like a screenshot of the money/clams/level etc).Then take a screenshot of your Player ID (menu, account, long number lower right corner as seen in images above).

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