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If you haven't dated much, it can be hard to know when a relationship is unhealthy.

Some signs of teen dating abuse include: No excuses It is never okay for someone to hit you or be cruel to you.

John Lewis will co-host a Teen Dating Violence Prevention Panel to discuss“Why Middle School Matters” in the issues surrounding teen date violence. These teens also are more likely to think about or attempt suicide and are morepredisposed to be victimized by abuse in college.“If we can reach young people inmiddle school,” said Rep.

The Centers for Disease Control, animportant constituent of the 5th District of Georgia, reportsthat every year 1 out of 4 adolescents is verbally, physically,emotionally or sexually abused by a dating partner.

Teenage girls in physically abusive relationships are much more likely than other girls to become pregnant.

Abuse can get worse during pregnancy, and it can harm the baby growing inside you.

If you are under 18, your partner could get arrested for having sex with you, even if you agreed to have sex. See a doctor or nurse to take care of any physical problems. Friends, family, and mental health professionals all can help. If you are thinking about ending an abusive dating relationship, keep some tips in mind: If you are ending a long-term or live-in dating relationship, you may want to read our section on domestic and intimate partner violence.

Return to top If you are meeting someone you don't know or don't know well, you can take steps to stay safe.

This is thethird year that the Congressman has served as the House sponsor of thiscongressional briefing.

You may think alcohol or drugs make a partner abusive.

Those things may increase the chances of abuse, but they never make it right.

In fact, 1 in 10 female high-schoolers say they have been physically abused by a dating partner in the past year.

Learn more about leaving an abusive dating relationship.

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