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If they are decent and honorable human beings, men will show their appreciation in many ways, large and small.

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There is nothing worse than being asked for advice and then having your girlfriend get mad because you gave them an honest answer that they did not like. It is okay to be mad, but at some point please tell me why you are mad so I can either fix it or not repeat whatever I did to make you mad. A man wants a woman who is trustworthy to a fault, utterly responsible and reliable and totally loyal. If that is what a woman is offering they will start looking elsewhere. They do not like their relationship to feel like therapy.

#5: Top qualities I look for in a woman: 1) Independence - I'm very passionate about my career, so an independent woman would enable me to juggle all the responsibilities and we can treasure our time together.

2) Drive - a woman who knows what she wants and achieves with her own bare hands is very attractive.

I want a woman who is feminine yet strong -- not in a masculine way -- but a woman who radiates quiet strength, wisdom, insight, love and compassion. We all have bad days, but If you want some context about what will drive men crazy, here you go: 1) Don't call 50 times a day to check on me... If you need something, call or text, but if I am golfing with my friends and you call and it is not an emergency, please don't expect me to be excited that you called or surprised that my phone is off.

2) If we are on a date, don't be texting and taking phone calls, because that is our time together.

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