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The first time it happened was devastating and the second time, I lost it with him, and yet…I’m still waiting for him to do the right thing. I’m crazy about him and I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted a year – I’m 38, I don’t have time to waste! You’ve brought a product under the impression that it is and does as described and have discovered that it doesn’t and are the disgruntled customer who wants what she paid for – the man you met is not on offer.

I would never have got involved with him if I’d known that he was separated and I certainly wouldn’t have stayed if I’d known it was going to be like this. When I try to get something concrete from him, he tells me to stop pressuring him and that “Six years is a long time you know Renee! But I don’t want to be treated like this either and I’ve been reading your site and am worried I’m with a Mr Unavailable. The man you met a year ago, was footless and carefree on a night out.

To say I was shocked and disappointed wouldn’t even cover it, but I was already falling for him and he said he’d been afraid to tell me in case I turned him down.

Your relationship with him started out being based on a lie and he himself didn’t believe in how over his marriage was because he didn’t see fit to tell you until you were already emotionally invested – but you were invested in what you thought was a single man.It’s draining and demeaning to wait for someone to choose.If he’s going to leave and divorce her, he’ll leave and divorce her.It’s not a little omission – it’s a big one that fundamentally affected the ability for your relationship to progress.The trouble with this deception is that by not being upfront he removed the right for you to decide what you 1) want to be involved in and 2) what you’re comfortable with.

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    Read on for some common things people hear when they're in an interracial relationship (that they really could do without):1. "One thing I get a lot of is women who want to tell me all about the black boyfriend they had in college whom their parents made them break up with. Why don't you marry a nice Latina who will cook for you? There are many things we hear (and see) from others regarding our interracial relationship, but the thing I hear most and would like to change is, 'You are so brave to go out into the world together. ' I know that it's meant as support and a compliment, but I do wish it wasn't 'brave.' What else are we to do? One of the funniest things I have heard regarding my interracial marriage was from my sister (who is black and is married to a black man).

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