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He won’t mind you barking out orders or getting you a cup of tea.

You would however, steer clear of ones that beg to be tied up and whipped, because they are out there (Unless you are game).

Otherwise, you both can pop out for some street food, 6) They don’t whine: With a good portion of dutchland below sea level, the dutch have come up with innovative solutions to keep water out of their land for hundreds of years. 7) They don’t go dutch: The ‘let’s split this bill in half’ theory is designed to make girls steer clear of the dutchies.

They have over centuries built dykes, dams and windmills to reclaim land. It’s a crazy assumption, likely a stereotype steeped in history and wars.

They will offer their opinion whether or not it is pleasing to you, and are direct almost to a fault.

“Paging Dave Goodman, can you please come to reception?

You will know exactly where you stand with a dutch guy, which is especially cool as there are many cons and tricksters out there to waste your time.

9) They are family oriented: Dutch guys have a mastery of work-life balance.

3) They know that women run the world: Queens have held reign in the House of Orange like forever,…well from 1890 to 2013 to be precise, so I find dutch guys in some zany way quite respectful of womenfolk.

A dutch guy is likely not to be domineering, but surprise surprise, won’t mind if you are.

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