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first aired in January last year, a friend and I made a date to sit down and watch it together. We’d drink boutique cider and live-tweet the whole thing, making snarky comments about who we’d rather bang. For every screaming queen (I use the term affectionately) who loves and identifies with ’s Mitch and Cam are a sign of progress on the long march to equality, there’s a counter-argument saying the couple are palatable gays for a mainstream audience who didn’t change the channel.

The HBO show about three gay men living in San Francisco, our holiest of gay holy sites, would be just what we always wanted. The scrutiny doesn’t stop at gay characters, either.

Society sees gay men as “other”, and so do we see ourselves: objects to be scrutinised and compared.

Let’s be clear: the gay refrain “this doesn’t represent me” is nothing new.

I’ll probably always compare myself to the gays on TV, scrutinising them for signs of sameness, or otherwise.

At least if there are more complex and interesting gay men on television, there won’t be so much riding on the few we have.

Dom wonders where his life is going, professionally and personally, at an age when heteros are stumbling into some kind of stability.

After my initial, lukewarm reaction, I’ve come to really love .

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