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Thompson, about whom she wrote a rather imaginative gonzo biography.

“The Cheerleaders,” her 2001 Spin piece on a series of murders and suicides in a small town in upstate New York, was anthologized in Best American Crime Writing. She doesn’t cook much, her freezer is loaded with microwaveable stuff, and she mostly stores sweaters and dog food in her oven. Carroll’s living room fireplace, and her rustic home is packed with piles of books.

Fed up with overly sensitive New York men, she hiked across the Pacific island on assignment for Playboy, in search of a more “primitive” mate.

(She nearly died, but she got the story.) For most of her career, Ms.

In “Love in the Time of Magic,” she let readers in on the sex-fueled underworld of NBA groupies.

For Esquire, she revisited her old college flings, including the Olympic swimmer Mike Troy.

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