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The whole Nachlass has been recently published electronically (see and is available from some college libraries.BACK TO TOP There is a series of scholarly works on Part One of the Investigations produced by Peter Hacker and Gordon Baker, and then by Peter Hacker alone, which contain essays full of contentious interpretation and detailed exegesis and analytical commentary, section by section through the Investigations. BACK TO TOP The Vienna Circle was a group of philosophers and scientists who met periodically for discussions in Vienna from 1922/3 to 1938.Study in this area requires that you should know the work of at least two of these authors (somewhat artificially, Wittgenstein's early and late work are counted as separate bodies of work for this requirement).The best plan is to read carefully some of the main texts of all three, even if your natural interests leads to your putting more work into two of them.Initiated by the mathematician Hans Hahn and centred around the philosopher Moritz Schlick, the Vienna Circle included Rudolf Carnap, Herbert Feigl, Philipp Frank, Viktor Kraft, Otto Neurath and Friedrich Waismann and counted Kurt Gödel, Karl Menger and Edgar Zilsel among its associates. Current scholarship of the movement is concerned to retrieve the latter and combat the caricatures that obscure the continuities with present 'post-positivism'.The Circle's activities were confined to private meetings until 1929, when they began publishing several series of monographs and collaborated with the Berlin "Society of Empirical Philosophy" (including Hans Reichenbach and C. Hempel) in organising international conferences and editing the journal Erkenntnis. BACK TO TOP How can the principle be justified; is it an analytic principle?Surveying this volume makes clear that Wittgenstein was inclined to think that his views on rule-following had radical implications for the philosophy of mathematics.Few of these conclusions are drawn in the Investigations, so it is unclear how far Wittgenstein held to them.

Slater, London: Routledge, 1993), contains a shorter, more informal presentation of his views on mathematics and logic.

Wittgenstein's literary executors arranged some of this material for publication in book form (the Investigations fall to some extent in this category).

Some of the most important volumes produced in this way include: The Blue Book, so-called for the covers in which it circulated, was prepared by Wittgenstein for his students, and hence offers a more straightforward exposition of the tenets contained within it than the Investigations; the Brown Book with which it is published is an early draft, in typescript, of the first part of the Investigations. I and VI of this volume are particularly important in the study of Wittgenstein's views about rule-following.

What is the motivation for Frege's introduction of the distinction, and what argument can he provide for it?

BACK TO TOP Frege's term for the sense of a sentence is Gedank, thought.

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