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It’s called Optimizer for Eclipse and you can check it out here.

Oh and how about these awesome graphic that our design team did for us – Jetpack for Eclipse, Whoooosh!

Here are the topics which are the typical culprits when working out what might be slow on your Eclipse environment.

Each of these areas can afflict different amounts of pain to different developers, based on how long you’ve used the installation for, your type and number of projects.

Plugins tend to be written and updated for the more recent versions, so you’ll soon potentially find yourself in a poorly performing environment, and remember, not all plugin updates will even support a lot of the older versions of Eclipse.You can learn more about the tool on the JRebel product pages, and either install directly through the marketplace, or via the Optimizer for Eclipse plugin.If you want to try out the Optimizer for Eclipse tool, which does much of what we’ve talked about automatically, oh and for free, you can download the Eclipse plugin and give it a go.There are a number of reasons why being on a recent version of Eclipse is important.Firstly, and least importantly, it’s super shiny and you’ll make all your friends and colleagues feel jealous and old fashioned when they realise their Eclipse version isn’t named after a popular chocolate bar.

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