Enfp dating tips

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Go have fun with your other Tigger and Piglet friends and don’t expect him to tag along. Have you ever tried to not say anything while you count to 10 during a meeting?

Everyone needs an outlet for their true nature, and your sweetie will appreciate the quiet time alone to sort out his or her own thoughts. If you do this during the whole meeting, you might never get a chance to speak at all! Your ISTJ will grow toward you, but it will be at a slower pace than you want.

2) ISTJs tend to, by nature, be wary and suspicious of all things new.Just live your own life with your own friends and taking care of your own responsibilities.ISTJ types appreciate confident partners who have it all together and can stand on their own two feet. This type gets a kick out of “rescuing” someone, especially when that person is self-sufficient and the “rescue” is low-key.So far, through definite ups and downs (and many “relationship building” discussions), we’ve been married almost 9 years.I didn’t know much at all about personality type when we met, and those insights sure would have been helpful!

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