Expect dating recovering addict

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Hey guys, Iv’e been studying your stuff for a month or two and gaining some success with attraction, approacing,flirting, and a couple sexual experiences that I wasnt able to close the deal completely but they were both young and hot so I took it as growth and had a knowing that my life was going to be getting real fun with women very soon.

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We went out Friday night and I was looking forward to a great time, I was looking at this date as the first in a long line of succesful encounters with women.Doing basic things like staying in shape, grooming well, whitening your teeth, a tan, and wearing nice clothes make a big difference. Some great places to meet women are through your social circle – Classes or lessons – Clubs – Part time job waitering or bar-tending Remember, you never know when you’re going to bump into your dream girl. Sexual Excitement Read this PDF [Teasing and Banter Cheat Sheet] (review day 11) ================================ Day 12: How to “Tease” a Girl ================================ The difference between “teasing” and making “asshole comments” comes down to fun. Things like: (review day 12) ================================ Day 13: Approaching Women Made “Easy” ================================ The best way to start a conversation with a woman is to just ‘jump right into it.’ Hit the “Fast forward” button. To be fair, she had just gotten out of a long term relationship of several years (living together for the last year) when au asked her out and she did say before we went out that she was not looking to date again and did not want to mis-lead me.(review day 8) Neil Strauss Before and After ================================ Day 9: Always be Gaming ================================ There are girls all around you. (review day 9) ================================ Day 10: How to be “High Status” ================================ Your value in the eyes of a woman, and her ability to feel attraction to you is based on one thing: “What you bring into the moment that she is experiencing” Read this PDF: [Small Talk Tactics Report] (review day 10) ================================ Day 11: How to Flirt ================================ The most important things for a woman to experience around you are: 1. Instead of starting with “hello” start by making an observation, or asking a question. We are in a music group together and still talk/mildly flirt back and forth.Then you will do much better with women and in life in general. I think that your material is very sensible and true, but I am having a very difficult time putting it in to practice because I freeze up so badly. I’m using this training program and it has worked quite effectively meeting new women and most of them are good looking. She could be toying with you- But always always swing the bat, you might hit a homerun. I accepted her request, chatted her up a bit, on Facebook and in person. Out of the blue she texts me “do you think it’s ok for men and women to have anal sex? Later in the week I text her that “I am going to be watching Uranus with binoculars tonight” to which she responds; ” ok, the reason I brought up anal sex is I made a promise to myself not to have a penis in my V until next year so I was thinking about other ways to have sex.Because then you are enough, then you don’t worry about impressing any girl or anybody. I have had sex with two of them so there’s a score. She went dancing with me a a club to celebrate my birthday. ” Needless to say, I’m blown away but respond; “why wouldn’t it be? I want to have sex but I’m afraid to catch something and I don’t want to have sex with a worthless person.

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