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But the combination of “hands-on” therapy, learning about how to properly use my pelvic floor muscles, and (not trivially) discussing my problem with my husband and enlisting his help, made a huge, positive difference. Samantha Pulliam, a urogynecologist and pelvic floor surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, says there are three main reasons why pelvic floor physical therapy has been largely ignored, even while it is often the the missing link in treating pelvic pain.

First, she says, medical training programs don’t give much, if any, information about the problem or possible solutions (that’s why Dr. Mc Kinney, the therapist, to speak to the residents at MGH).

Perhaps pelvic floor therapy might soon gain credibility: last week, a local physical therapist, Jessica Mc Kinney, used my story as part of her Grand Rounds at Massachusetts General Hospital.

She spoke to about 16 obstetrician and gynecology residents and medical students.

) So, using a finger, she pressed along different areas at the vaginal opening and then moved on to other muscle groups.The goal was to improve muscle performance and relax any areas of tension.This physical manipulation also had a mental component: retraining my brain to understand that what it perceived to be “pain” and “irritation” was simply pressure.This class day is for the Adolescent Surgical Program.This day is full of individual classes (Fitness, Nutrition, and Behavioral Health), as well as support groups for both the adolescents and their parents. Adolescents and their parents are only required to be present during their designated crew time.

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