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But after he suggested quitting masturbation or porn, their problems went away.But for George himself, the mental challenge is the main reason for trying to quit porn: “ By allowing yourself to embrace some pain of quitting porn, you will be more willing to embrace other pains like being assertive to people, doing hard work, working out and other things you usually don't want to do.They head back to his place where the girls strip him naked, wanking and sucking his cock until he has a big orgasm.This gets the girls so turned on that they cant keep their hands off each other as we walks off to clean up!For some, it’s the exhaustion of feeling like a slave to something you can’t control: “The major impetus for me to give up porn was because I was tired of being on the hamster wheel of addiction,” 44-year-old Dave* from Florida told .

However all the men who are successfully living porn-free lives are now almost evangelical about the benefits of quitting porn.Jacob was a similar age - he first discovered porn aged eight or nine, but didn’t start watching it properly until he was 13.“Giving porn up has been one of the most challenging things I've ever done,” he says.All the men we spoke to say they would absolutely recommend giving up porn to everyone, and it would be hard to hear their stories and not feel admiration.Jacob believes quitting porn require you to be honest with yourself: “Admitting you're addicted, deciding what content to eliminate from your life and sticking to a strict personal code are all very difficult,” he says, adding that giving up porn has many mental and physical benefits for everyone, whether addicted or not.

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