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The doctor and the HIV specialist nurse in the hospital will tell you more about the treatment of HIV with HIV inhibitors.

It is important to start taking medication as early as possible, so that your immune system (health) stays as healthy as possible. In the Netherlands, patients’ rights are enshrined in law.

You can visit your GP if you are at risk of an STI of if you think that you have HIV or another STI.

The GP can perform an STI test or you can ask for one yourself.

You can also take out cover for additional care that is not part of the basic cover.

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This means that information about your health cannot be shared with others without your permission. If you are found to have HIV or another STI, a doctor cannot share this information indiscriminately.You will be treated by a specialist in internal medicine and will be assigned an HIV specialist nurse.The specialist in internal medicine concentrates on the medical aspect of HIV, whereas the HIV specialist nurse is mainly there to provide psychosocial assistance and support.In that case, you can take somebody with you to translate, but that person may not be familiar with all the medical terms or may not be prepared to translate everything.You may not want to have anybody you know with you.

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