Illinois sex chat lines

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There was a lot of "playing Dr." or "show and tell." Many moderators came from the ranks of women callers who got to liking the attention & wanted a few bucks an hour to boot.

It always amazed my pal how often the conversations among the regulars would turn to non-sex stuff.

They could also be a lot younger/cuter than they were IRL as long as their voice was cute.

Often the conversation would get like Hustler's old write-in columns, with the guys BSing about various amazing sexual feats they'd done (yeah right ...), while the moderator just listened.I used to have a good friend who owned a chat line. But as of then, I had a pretty good idea of how it worked from the owner/operator POV.I've never called one, but I have talked with the people who do all the jobs on one. We don't get much spam here (that I've seen) so I couldn't resist. Does this mean we'll only get those people in here who actually would call those lines? Why would someone pay a fee to call a number to talk to a bunch of strangers or people who are pretending to be other people? When I posted, I was debating whether to use that title or not. They are one of those things I could never understand.

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