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I witnessed it.” A couple from Kitchen Nightmares accused Gordon Ramsay of sexually harassing the wife.

And randy Ramsay has cheated on his wife multiple times according to the Herald Sun and News of the World reports in the UK and Australia.

Episode 14 – Courtney wins mystery box again and Elizabeth says the judges are showing blatant favoritism to Courtney – she got to pick teams to set others up for failure. She screwed up gnocchi then took over as team captain and screwed that up (showing just how mediocre she really is) so she went into pressure test where she was (of course) praised and saved in the pressure test.

Episode 16 – They flew in Courtney’s little brother for the aww factor – the only person who didn’t get to bring an adult and you know he was coached to say mac n cheese to set her up for a great dish – she didn’t win but was safe in second place.

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Episode 12 – Her team loses by a slim margin and faces a pressure test but the judges encourage her to save herself instead of participating in the pressure test.Then on her second date, which took place in Wales and was with a stripper, Toff proved she might have been more like Bridget's mother (ie: ridiculously posh) with some of her confessions. Imagine watching the world's finest talents at inventing a game. All three judges have been accused of intense sexual harassment of female Master Chef contestants in a recent lawsuit.Season four contestant Marie Porter said a female contestant in her season was “sexually harassed by the judges to the point she had her lawyers get her edited out of the show completely.” And Carrie Stevens, also from Season four says, “Marie is reporting facts.

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