Is ryan cabrera dating anyone

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"If I hang out with someone, it'll be all over the press the next day and everyone's asking, 'Are you dating this person? with this strange, porcupine-haired creature in the background, and then hazy memories of him popping up in those formative days of reality television. On this season of "The Hills," which airs its second drama-filled episode on Tuesday night (May 4), Audrina Patridge has found herself a new love.Fans will get a peek at Audrina's new relationship with singer/songwriter Ryan Cabrera, who previously dated Ashlee Simpson on her show "The Ashlee Simpson Show." "My boyfriend is Ryan Cabrera," Patridge told MTV News."Well, I always told myself I'm never bringing anyone that like I really, really like onto the show," she revealed. I've known him forever, and we're just very comfortable. He doesn't play into it, and he's not fake and using me. and now we get to film together and hang out." As for how Cabrera and Patridge became a couple after being friends for so long, it's a mystery to the actress herself.

Because it's not like he has the famous relations or classically douchey hotness of one Brody Jenner, someone who also made similar television rounds.The singer, who has spent the bulk of the last two years touring the globe, says he rarely gets homesick."I know that later on in my life I'll have my time to be at home, but right now I love being on the road and playing shows every night," he explained.And while the singer admits that all his songs stem from personal experiences, don't automatically assume that they're all about his famous ex (see "Ryan Cabrera's Love-Song LP Isn't All About Ashlee")."It's amazing what one picture can say and the feelings that it can bring back to you," he explained.

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