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Mexico If you experience a lot of nausea during pregnancy, your newborn will have a full head of hair.

Cuba & Panama People in many Latin American countries share a belief in the "evil eye" — that is, the power of an evil or envious person to cause harm to a pregnant woman or her baby.

"A boy is said to enhance his mother's beauty, while a girl weakens it," according to Baby Center editor Claudia Starck.Everyone in the family makes sure the mum-to-be is eating well and is protected from any hazards.Sweden "You can certainly expect to be given a seat on public transport," says Carina Westling."One challenge is making sure that they know you're pregnant, particularly in winter when you're wearing a bulky coat," she says."I've been known to unbutton my coat and show my belly in order to get a seat." Mexico In Mexico and other Latin American countries, many believe that if you don't eat the food you crave during pregnancy, your baby will have a birthmark shaped like that food.

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