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Adelaide is filled with spunk as she jokes around and assumes the familiar role of hostess for her guests.

Adelaide Intrieri was born to Modesto and Rosa Intrieri in Vandergrift, PA, a small town northeast of Pittsburgh that at the turn of the century, boasted the largest sheet steel mill in the world, an industry that would attract many immigrants to the area.

Befuddled by this request, the family finally deduced from this man’s Sicilian origins, that Sam must be stationed in Sicily, as war letters were highly censored.

On one unexpected day, Sam came home in the middle of the night to the family’s great joy and relief.

As they would sit slurping sodas and meeting friends at the back booth, their relationship grew, so much so that Frank, the owner, wanted to donate the booth to the happy couple when the store went out of business. Adelaide graduated Vandergrift High School in 1944, and as the family didn’t have the means to send her to college, she began working for Ash Shoe Company.

Lundy and Adelaide never needed a proposal to know that they were getting married, and they tied the knot in May of 1950 at St. The store was newly opened by a Jewish man named Mr.

Adelaide made life-long friends with girls that grew up on her street, affectionately coining themselves as the “Nuts Gang.” Her one friend said that they should all get married together and the priest would say, “I present The Mixed Nuts!

” Adelaide explains that this nickname derived from all of their silly antics, constant laughter, and from all the clean fun and adventures that they used to share together.

The decorations in her home recall and pay tribute to the many dear people in her life.

The whole town erupted into celebration and parades when WWII ended, with Adelaide proudly throwing flowers to the crowds in the procession.

The boys coming home from war were struck by how much the girls had grown up during their time away, including Adelaide and her friends.

Different boys would ask her out on dates, but to her chagrin, the strict rules of her Italian parents, not unlike many other “paesans” at the time, forbade her to date or bring boys to the house.

Word spread fast in the small community, and on one occasion, her mother was informed when she was spotted clutching a man’s arm while crossing the street.

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