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Apparently he’s not only a sexual predator with MEN, but with women too – and in fact he made moves on, and actively pursued, a married female costar back in 2000!Spacey and Helen Hunt were filming when he became obsessed with her – he decided her marriage to Hank Azaria was getting in the way, and he did everything he could to woo her and split them up.Believe it or not, Lou was driving after having more than a few drinks, and he pulled up behind a POLICE OFFICER making a traffic stop.

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Her Rapunzel length wig looks familiar – because Blac Chyna (bottom photo) has been wearing the SAME one.She didn’t waste a minute of her time during their separation – single Chloe made seven movies.Brooklyn had a brief flirtation with in LA, and published a photography book.Case in point: lifetime Scientologist and star of Danny Masterson.According to Yashar Ali at Huffington Post, four women accused Masterson of raping them in the early 2000s. It is a huge no-no for any Scientologist to report another member to law enforcement. The church provided evidence AGAINST the female accusers to protect Masterson.

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