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It’s about being told your gender means you can’t understand the game, and then walking into a press conference at the NCAA women’s Sweet 16 and realizing you’re the only female reporter in the packed press room.

Her books have sold well over a million copies and are published in over over twenty countries.This is about so much more than just one question about a receiver’s routes.It’s about the fact that just two years ago, female journalists were stopped on their way into the Indianapolis Colts locker room to get post-game interviews because the usher was unsure if they were allowed into the locker room to do their job.It’s about a coach choosing to direct his answer to your male colleague, even though you were the one who asked the question, because he assumes he’ll understand better.It’s about the fact that, when he does address you to your face, he calls you “sweetie.” It’s about the fact that the fastest-growing sports media company in the country has been build on the back of sexism; and that the Top 100 on the i Tunes Sports Podcast charts only include six podcasts that feature a regular female contributor.

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