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But she must confront the hard truth that on the beaches of Kenya, love is a business.In conurbations where hundreds of thousands live alongside one another, in the era of a highly technological society, in which communication has never played such a significant role, man ...

I'm appalled at the poster of the movie being the one it is, which is utterly misleading.

We see them struggling in their lives, but we don't understand why they got to that point, what is their personal background -which is only hinted-, what is troubling their souls.

On the other hand, Olga's story is told in a straightforward clear way, but Pauli's story is not, despite his character being, a priori, very interesting and cool.

Under cover of writing a thesis on immigrant stores, Jan gets a ...

See full summary » Two parallel stories - one about a young Ukrainian immigrant in Austria (Olga), and another about a young Austrian traveling for work reasons in East Europe (Pauli).

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