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In 1991 she published her memoir I Dreamed of Africa, which was turned into a Hollywood movie.She has been given many honourary degrees and awards including The Order of the Golden Ark by the late HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

The conservationist's 36-year-old daughter Sveva Gallmann said she was shot at by the raiders as she ran to her 9-month-old daughter on the estate in the drought-striken north of the country.

Residents say politicians hoping to win votes in an August election are encouraging herdsmen desperate for grazing to bring tens of thousands of cattle into the area.

This month, the government announced it would send troops to the area after herdsmen shot dead a British military veteran who ran a safari company in Kenya when he went to inspect a friend's house that had been burnt down.

What I do in my personal life is not for people to know.

The minute I open up about my personal life, it will have a snowball effect; the world will demand to know even the minutest details.

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