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I used to think Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen made it look like a ball dating all those foreign men (Passport to Paris, When in Rome… Go read all about the ups and downs of an overseas romance here!

The trick of the novel is, of course, to persuade us that what is made up is real.

And so the mystery is set up from the beginning: is Tess actually dead? But the truth is that it’s actually a problem for the novel.

Moggach has got herself in a real quandary here: the novel’s much-needed authenticity lies solely in her factual detailing of the daily life of an invisible heroine (nobody notices Leila), in her utter isolation, in the relentless mundane repetition of the task in front of her.

It’s not a spoiler to say that Leila’s task is to impersonate a young woman, Tess, who plans to take her own life.

It’s in the face of one of those downward spirals that Tess makes the decision to walk away from it all.We did try to find one that was true, authentic Mexican food and not that Americanized stuff!Since it is Spanish Date Night you could also venture out and try Peruvian food, Argentine cuisine etc. You could even create a If you ARE a whiz in the kitchen (and I am so jealous about that) you could make some traditional foods such as tamales, empanadas, mole (pronounced mole-ay), flan, fried ice cream, and -of course- salsa & guacamole. My best recommendation would be to try making the creamy Shrimp enchilada’s from Angie’s Zorro Date Night –There are so many Latin beats to set the mood for your evening.Meanwhile, its unlikely scenario – would you impersonate a person who wants to kill herself, to spare her loved ones pain?– becomes dependent upon very obvious devices to create tension.

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