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Mc Garry" as opposed to "Secretary Mc Garry" as would be the standard protocol for a former cabinet member.

In season six, Mc Garry had a heart attack outside Camp David, leading to his replacement by C. He stated that he would not work in any presidential campaign to succeed Bartlet.In the show's final scene, Bartlet opened the gift to find the napkin with the words "Bartlet For America", which Mc Garry had written to start Bartlet on his Presidential journey almost a decade earlier and which President Bartlet had framed and given as a gift to Leo during the House of Representatives' hearings into the apparent MS cover-up towards the end of his first term.Education Parallel to Bush Administration It should be noted that Leo's approximately six and a half-year tenure as Chief of Staff would be rather extraordinary in our world (though, during the George W.Military Leo joined the United States Air Force and flew F-105s for the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing during the Vietnam War.During this time, he and his friend, Ken O'Neill, were shot down near Hanoi and O'Neil carried a wounded Leo through the jungle for three days.

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